Creative Tools for Truth-Telling

Cortes Island Academy partnered with local and award-winning writers, Indigenous journalists, numerous creative knowledge-holders, and the Cortes Community Radio Society to explore with 20 students the history of what we have come to consider “truth-telling”, the foundations of journalism, art and mechanics of podcasting, and the joy of live radio. The result? The voices of our future shaping the sounds and minds of listeners near and far.

This initiative is made possible by the Radio Fund of Canada.

2023-2024 semester 

Journalistic Podcasts

In our Creative Tools for Truth-Telling block, students produced their own 15-40 minute podcasts. Students not only acquire the technical expertise required for podcasting but also hone their storytelling abilities, mastering the art of weaving narratives that captivate and engage audiences. 

Each podcast you’ll find here represents the culmination of meticulous research, thoughtful storytelling, and the dedication of our students to the pursuit of truth and storytelling. They have delved into the depths of diverse topics, amplifying voices, challenging perspectives, and shedding light on the multifaceted nature of the world we inhabit. Listen along below!

Satirical Advertisements

Produced in the initial week of the Tools for Truth Telling Program, these satirical advertisements were crafted by students who began with little knowledge of audio recording and production. In just five days, they progressed from novices to creators of unique personal observations.

2022-23 Semester

Ripple Effect

Ripple effect is a five episode podcast series created, written and produced by the students of CIA.

Episode 1 - Cosmic Confidential

by Zella, Rose, Khiana & Igor.

Episode 2 - The Wild Island

by Ro, Finley, Sophie, Seren & Sonia.

Episode 3 - Teens as Teachers

by Rowan, Alora, Jax, Coralie, Samara & Bella.

Postcard Projects

Produced in the very first week of the Tools for Truth Telling Program, these short sound poems were created by students reflecting on their time spent on Cortes Island. In the span of five days, students went from knowing nothing about audio recording and production to creating these truly unique personal observations.

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