International Students

Come join us for a truly unique learning experience on Cortes Island! The Cortes Island Academy offers experiential, place- and project-based education featuring 24 possible credits in Science, English, Socials, Outdoor Education, Leadership, and Careers over the 5 months from September 2023 to January 2024.

The Cortes Island Academy is partnered with Campbell River School District 72 and their International Student Program. The International Program will help students with everything from insurance, travel plans, arranging home stays, and the high school accreditation. 


2024/25 Program : Climate & Art

Science for Citizens

Rex Weyler, Hakai Institute scientists, Suzanne Simard, indigenous teachers & more guide students on becoming critical thinkers and creators.

Studio Arts

Join Tianna Hope, Michael Datura, Rup Singh to learn traditional and nontraditional art forms including installation art and sonication of the natural world.

Language Arts

Learn communication tools to tell the stories that matter with the guidance of Ayajuthem language holders, award-winning journalists, and authors.

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