How many credits do student receive?

This program is part of the Campbell River School District 72 and provides high school credits to students in the same way a brick and mortar high school would. A full time schedule at a conventional high school in SD72 would also have four classes in a semester and students would earn 16 credits. The CIA semester has four classes and also includes career education and leadership. Students can earn up to 24 credits in the semester. These credits are: physical education, science/environmental science, english/new media, media studies, leadership and career education. (with prior arrangement, additional or alternative credits may be possible for some students).


What if my student has an IEP or learning difference?

The CIA offers each student an opportunity to individualize their educational experience with support from an SD72 teacher. The individual nature will be reflected in the students unique projects and in flexible ways to express their ongoing learning. We recognize that leaning looks different for all students and especially welcome students with dyslexia, ADHD, or who just like to learn in the real world or through hands on experience.


What will do students do after the Cortes Island Academy?

Students can cross enrol between this SD72 program and any other district school or online /DL school. Students can transfer credits back to their district/school of choice. If they are already enrolled in SD72 they can simply return to their high-school for the second semester.


How will my student get around on Cortes Island?

The school bus will pick up and deliver students to the academy each day, as well as provide transportation to and from the ferry for those travelling home on the weekend. Homestay families will help get students to other activities, including Homestay sponsored events, pick-up sport activities, or other spontaneous fun!


What kind of student is this program for?

The CIA is designed for students who want to:

  • Ask more questions.
  • Get out of their desks and into a kayak, or behind a camera or radio soundboard, or visit a kelp farm.
  • Learn from a variety of scientists, journalists, naturalists and other experts.
  • Throw away the worksheets and create school projects that make a difference.
  • Change the world and get started now!

What does it cost?

These are the costs for the 2023/24 Semester. The 2024/25 may vary.

For Domestic Students our Academy Program & Activities Fee (entire semester) is $3500. Students may be eligible for scholarships.

* International/Outside of Province Applicants need to refer to the Homestay Program

  • Homestay Registration Fee is $400
  • Part-time Homestay (students who go home on weekends, max 20 days a month) is $700/month
  • Full-time Homestay (students who stay most weekends and some holidays) is $1000/month

Homestay fess for International students have yet to be determined. 

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